Who is behind the TikTok ban?

who is behind the tiktok ban

  Three things TikTok ban Bill s (senate) 686 It’s called Restricting the emergence of security threats that risk information and communications technology “the restrict act” If they ban TikTok, they can ban YouTube.  They can ban any form of free speech that they see fit. There is a trjoan horse buried in this bill […]

Top 5 rechargeable flashlights for outdoor adventures

If you’re planning to embark on an outdoor adventure, a reliable rechargeable flashlight is an essential tool to have on hand. Here are my top 5 picks for rechargeable flashlights that are perfect for outdoor use: ThruNite TC15: This rechargeable flashlight has a maximum output of 2,403 lumens and a beam distance of up to […]

ThruNite Catapult Pro

ThruNite was the first company that started sending me flashlights on a regular basis.  I’ve really been impressed with their quality products.  One of my favourite lights that ThruNite sent was the Catapult Pro.  This is a serious flashlight. It pushes out over 2700 Lumens with a throw over 1km. I’ve made a few videos […]

ThruNite TT20 tactical flashlight

ThruNite sent me the tactical TT20 recently and I’ve been using it.  It reminds me of the TN12 Pro but larger. It has a reversible belt clip, a thumb button and some good heft to it.  The TT20 feels like a flashlight should. See the video below:

a disturbing email

This is a disturbing email that I received from a bylaw officer here in Brampton. Hello Everyone, It is with a lot of struggle with my inner self that I am reporting the state of the fear, stress and lowest morale in the entire By law service department . The people responsible for this mess […]