Top 5 rechargeable flashlights for outdoor adventures

If you’re planning to embark on an outdoor adventure, a reliable rechargeable flashlight is an essential tool to have on hand. Here are my top 5 picks for rechargeable flashlights that are perfect for outdoor use: ThruNite TC15: This rechargeable flashlight has a maximum output of 2,403 lumens and a beam distance of up to […]

ThruNite Catapult Pro

ThruNite was the first company that started sending me flashlights on a regular basis.  I’ve really been impressed with their quality products.  One of my favourite lights that ThruNite sent was the Catapult Pro.  This is a serious flashlight. It pushes out over 2700 Lumens with a throw over 1km. I’ve made a few videos […]

ThruNite TT20 tactical flashlight

ThruNite sent me the tactical TT20 recently and I’ve been using it.  It reminds me of the TN12 Pro but larger. It has a reversible belt clip, a thumb button and some good heft to it.  The TT20 feels like a flashlight should. See the video below:

a disturbing email

This is a disturbing email that I received from a bylaw officer here in Brampton. Hello Everyone, It is with a lot of struggle with my inner self that I am reporting the state of the fear, stress and lowest morale in the entire By law service department . The people responsible for this mess […]